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TGP 34 – Ursula Krause of Rootseekers

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Ursula Krause

Raised in the tradition of story telling, a custom which has been cultivated in her family for centuries, Ursula Krause began to become interested in the history of her ancestors as a child.

Ursula Krause on the Genealogy Professional podcast
photo by Matthew White

Influenced by the emigration of her great-great-great-grandfather and her own long stays in the USA and Sweden, she has intensely studied and investigated the subject of emigration. As a result, she put the story of her family to paper, as seen from a socio-historical and psychological perspective.

Little by little she began to research and document the stories of other emigrant families. They are stories that give descendants and family members a picture of the country where their roots lie.

Ursula is based in Berlin, Germany and is the owner of Rootseekers, a business that recreates ancestral stories for people of German descent.

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Ursula Krause on the Genealogy Professional podcast

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