Tech Tip: 5 Things You need to know about Periscope

Periscope is a new live streaming tool that has enabled anyone in the world with a smart phone  to broadcast live. Not only that, viewers can watch in real time and interact with the broadcaster.

Periscope App

(left) Periscope world view showing live broadcasts, (right) Displays your Twitter followers and shows how many Periscope followers they have.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Periscope:

  1. Periscope is owned by Twitter so the usernames that start with @ are the same on both platforms. If you have the app installed on your phone and one of your Twitter followers starts a Periscope session, you will be notified (if you have opted for push notifications). Otherwise you can see the live stream notifications in the twitter stream (but by the time you do the live stream might be over).
  2. You don’t have to have the app installed on your phone to watch a Periscope live streaming session. Search Twitter for the word Periscope and you will find live session where you can click on the link and view through your browser. Viewers on the web are anonymous (nice if you’re just trying to figure how it all works) but they can’t  leave comments.
  3. If you tap the screen while watching Periscope live streaming, hearts will fly up. That let’s the broadcaster know you like them without typing a comment. Broadcasters get ranked by the number of hearts they receive.
  4. You can comment on live streaming sessions and the people broadcasting can respond in real time to your questions or comments. The comment function is only available on the apps found in mobile devices so there is no chance that you will get too wordy with your text unless you are a master of typing with your thumbs.
  5. Periscope works best when broadcasting from wifi. Users broadcasting from their smart phones while “on the go” tend to have pixelated, shaky video.

In an upcoming post, we’ll get into potential business applications and best practices for Periscope.

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