The Genealogy Professional podcast (TGP) is open to sponsorship opportunities.

We believe in a partnership with our sponsors.

We will only consider sponsorships with organizations or companies that are truly beneficial for the TGP audience.  We want to believe in and support your product or service as much as we want you to believe in what we’re doing with the podcast.

To initiate discussions about sponsorship please consider this:

Does your company or organization already have an established relationship with Marian Pierre-Louis, the Executive Producer of TGP?

If yes, then feel free to proceed. Send an email and let us know you’re interested in sponsorship opportunities.

If not, then start to build one! Send Marian an email and introduce your company and products or services. Links to short videos (10 minutes or less) are particularly helpful if you are introducing a product.

Please also mention:

  • How you learned about the Genealogy Professional podcast
  • Why you want to sponsor the podcast
  • How you think your product or service would be a good fit for the TGP audience
  • Tell us which episode  is your favorite and why

What’s in it for the Sponsor?

Not only does the sponsor get a podcast team that truly believes in their product, but they get professional marketing and promotional expertise as well. Marian Pierre-Louis, host of TGP, has over 20 years of professional marketing experience. Through the years she has transitioned from traditional marketing practices to a focus on social media and content marketing. She is a member of the Social Media Marketing Society and enrolled in Andrea Vahl’s Social Media Manager School. The TGP team will create a campaign that will promote the pants of your product or service.

Agents and Intermediaries

We are happy to work with agencies and intermediaries. However, that does not remove the need for a relationship to be established before a sponsorship can be agreed upon.

As the agent, you can facilitate the introduction and help build the relationship. Until a relationship is established and both sides agree that it is mutually beneficial, no discussion of contract terms will happen.

Final Note:

We hold the TGP listening audience in the highest regard. We will be very selective in the acceptance of sponsors. In the end, that helps the sponsors we approve even more!

If you are simply seeking to gain a presence on a broad spectrum of genealogy podcasts as part of your overall marketing plan to be everywhere, then we are probably not a good fit.

If you truly believe in the mission of the Genealogy Professional podcast and feel that your product or service will help TGP listeners then you are probably the type of sponsor we are looking for.

It’s not hard to build a relationship. Just a few “get to know you” emails back and forth and we’ll be on our way. Getting to know you helps us promote you better.

To get started send an email to contact (@) Please  mention sponsorship in the subject line.