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TGP 62: Paula Stuart-Warren

Featured Guest

Paula Stuart-Warren

Paula Stuart-Warren considers herself fortunate to be an internationally recognized genealogical educator, researcher and consultant focusing on unusual resources, manuscripts, methodology, and analyzing records. She also specializes in Native American research. Paula loves to interact with her clients and audiences. She is a long-time course coordinator and instructor for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh and an instructor for Ancestry Academy.

Her lecturing experience includes the Federation of Genealogical Societies and National Genealogical Society conferences and seminars in many states and Canada. Paula has served on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, the Minnesota Genealogical Society (MGS), and is a former officer of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and is the Past President of the Northland Chapter of APG. She initiated the MGS education committee and classes and was one of the founding members of the MGS Library. She co-chaired the FGS 2001, 2011, and 2013 conferences.

Her ancestors came to the U.S. from eight ancestral countries. She has researched onsite from coast to coast at and has written for, FGS FORUMNGS MagazineFamily Tree MagazineNew England AncestorsMinnesota Genealogist, findmypast.com, was editor of the former FGS Conference News Blog and currently has her own educational website and blog at http://genealogybypaula.com.

Contact Links

Website – Genealogy by Paula
Twitter – @PaulaStuartWarr
APG Profile – https://www.apgen.org/users/paula-stuart-warren
BCG Profile – https://bcgcertification.org/directory/stuart-warren-paula-cg/

Thing You were Most Afraid of

Not being knowledgeable enough to answer everyone’s questions”

Best Advice You Received from Someone Else

Document, document, document. Document your sources.

One Action Genealogists Can Take Right Now

“Step back and create a plan.”

Recommended Book

Ancestry’s Red Book. Also, look at things that are on the open shelves.


Realize it takes time to build your business and to become known so that other people will hire you for research or speaking.”


In News this week – let me tell you where I’ve been since our last episode.

I did a webinar for the Central Georgia Genealogical Society called Verifying Information You Find Online. During the pandemic with all the libraries and archives closed it’s even more important to rely on online information and trees. This talk is full of tips for successfully using online trees, figuring out which ones you can trust and how to resolve conflicting information. It was great fun to be the presenter for their very first online meeting.

I also made an appearance on another podcast. Maureen Taylor celebrated the 100th episode of the Photo Detective podcast and I had the pleasure of interviewing Maureen on her own podcast to celebrate the occasion. You can find that interview and the podcast on MaureenTaylor.com or where ever you listen to podcasts.

I’ve mentioned recently that you can listen to the Genealogy Professional podcast on Spotify. Well now you can listen to the podcast on Amazon Music as well as Gaana, the largest podcast directory in India.

If you’d like to contribute to supporting the podcast then I would ask that you recommend me as a virtual speaker to your local library, historical or genealogical society. Any money earned from that now goes directly to supporting my podcast. I’m still in the process of creating an updated list of available talks but here are five titles to choose from.

  1. Discovering Online Oral History and Audio Collections to enrich your research
  2. Use Your Genealogy Skills to discover the history of the people who lived in your house
  3. Verifying Information You Find Online
  4. 5 Steps to Becoming a Good Ancestor
  5. How to Capture and Preserve Oral History Right Now

More details are available on my speaker page.

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