TGP 60: Nathan Dylan Goodwin – Genealogy Mystery Writer

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Nathan Dylan Goodwin, Genealogy Mystery Writer

Nathan Dylan Goodwin

Nathan Dylan Goodwin was born and raised in Hastings, East Sussex. Schooled in the town, he then completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio, Film and Television Studies, followed by a Master of Arts degree in Creative Writing at Canterbury Christ Church University. A member of the Society of Authors, he has completed a number of successful local history books about Hastings, as well as several works of fiction, including the acclaimed Forensic Genealogist series. His other interests include theatre, reading, photography, running, skiing, traveling and, of course, genealogy. He is a qualified teacher, member of the Guild of One-Name Studies and the Society of Genealogists, as well as being a member of the Sussex Family History Group, the Norfolk Family History Society, the Kent Family History Society and the Hastings and Rother Family History Society. He lives in Kent with his husband, son and dog.

Contact Links

Website – Nathan Dylan Goodwin.com
Facebook Page – Nathan Dylan Goodwin
Twitter – @NathanDGoodwin

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CreateSpace (Amazon Self Publishing Platform) – https://www.createspace.com/

Wix (create websites) – https://www.wix.com/

Thing You were Most Afraid of

Not having enough [money] to pay the mortgage”

Best Advice You Received from Someone Else

Get on and write it.

One Action Genealogists Can Take Right Now

“Take baby steps toward your writing goal. Just start.”

Recommended Book

The Family Tree Guide to DNA testing and Genetic Genealogy by Blaine Bettinger.


Write about something you’re passionate about and take that first step.”


If you’d like to contribute to supporting the podcast then I would ask that you recommend me as a virtual speaker to your local library, historical or genealogical society. Any money earned from that now goes directly to supporting my podcast. I’m still in the process of creating an updated list of available talks but here are five titles to choose from.

  1. Discovering Online Oral History and Audio Collections to enrich your research
  2. Use Your Genealogy Skills to discover the history of the people who lived in your house
  3. Verifying Information You Find Online
  4. 5 Steps to Becoming a Good Ancestor
  5. How to Capture and Preserve Oral History Right Now

More details are available on my speaker page.

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