UPDATE: While the current Masterminds are sold out, I am taking names for new Mastermind Groups. If you are interested send me an email and I will put you on the list.

In March I will start offering the Goals Workshop again and then later in April I will be starting two specialized Masterminds – one for blogging and one for public speaking. Stay tuned to this page for more information on that.


Mastermind Groups for SuccessThe Mastermind Group for Success is a 12-month group coaching session where we meet monthly to discuss goals, strategize our plans and get support and encouragement for achieving business success.

The groups are lead by Marian Pierre-Louis, the host of the Genealogy Professional podcast. Meetings are held once  a month at a time and date agreed on by the participants.

Meetings will be 60-90 minutes and will be conducted online via GoToMeeting.

They are limited to 10 participants per group.

The Mastermind groups are most ideal for genealogists who have completed either the ProGen course or the BU Certificate program.

Upcoming Groups – starting March 2016

Level 1

Level 1 is appropriate for genealogy professionals who have completed at least 5-10 client projects and are actively trying to grow their business. They may be aware of marketing, networking, social media and other business outreach. They are likely in the first 1-4 years of their business. They may or may have not settled on a business niche.

Level 2

Level 2 is appropriate for genealogy professionals who have completed at least 20 or more client projects and are actively trying to grow their business whether through taking clients, public speaking, writing, education or a combination. They should have used marketing, networking, social media and other business outreach. They are serious about their business and are either full-time professionals or working their way toward that. They have settled on a business niche. They are developing a strong network of colleagues and regularly invest in their business and continuing education.

Final Litmus Test

If you still thoughtfully consider ever opportunity that appears in your email box then you are probably in Level 1.  If you quickly and decidedly say “no” to potential opportunities with confidence and without hesitation or waffling, then you are Level 2.

Also, don’t confuse genealogical expertise with business expertise. You could be an advanced genealogist but if you’ve never taken clients or earned revenue is a business venture then you probably want Level 1.

If you are unsure which level you should be in, please contact Marian Pierre-Louis.

What Current Participants are Saying

“Marian’s mastermind group was the best investment I made last year for my professional development – especially learning about how to market myself and my research business. The monthly meetings are great for sharing insights, ideas and issues with other genealogists and getting peer support – all under Marian’s expert and friendly leadership. So many Scots emigrated to the US and Canada and their descendants are scattered across all states. It’s been fantastic to talk regularly to colleagues across North America – each with their own niches – and to gain an insight into the US genealogy market and what my overseas clients might want. Whether you’re a fledgling or experienced professional, you’ll get inspiration and encouragement from Marian and the rest of your mastermind group. I know I did!”

–Linda Kerr, Scotland

“During a 12 month online based coaching opportunity for individuals seeking to grow their Genealogy Business, Marian Pierre-Louis leads a discussion based on a monthly topic and helps class members see how best to apply it to their business needs. Ideas flow as each has a turn to discuss what has been successful the previous month and thoughts are shared on how to continue toward business growth. Participation in these once a month informal sessions has helped me stay focused, have a clearer picture of who my potential clients are and have a better understanding of marketing strategies to help obtain my goals. Marian’s ability to listen and give constructive advice combined with the feedback and experience of others in the group has been an active force in moving forward with Carolina Girl Genealogy, L.L.C., and my Genealogy 1-on-1  personal genealogy instruction classes. “

–Cheryl Hudson Passey, South Carolina

“All too often we just “keep doing what we’re doing” and don’t consider new ways to organize and grow our businesses. Encouraging “pushes” from our 2015 Mastermind Group have encouraged me to think outside the box and institute specific changes I wouldn’t have considered before. Thanks Marian for facilitating this group.”

–Pat Richley-Erickson,

“I can highly recommend Marian Pierre-Louis’ Mastermind group. I was in it all last year and have just renewed for 2016. My business has grown and the group interaction is great. Want to grow your business? Consider this investment in yourself.”

–Leslie Lawson, Lawson Research Services

“There is one adjective that describes the essence of Mastermind groups for me and my genealogy business journey – supportive.  Meeting with smart, supportive colleagues is the highlight of my month.  I always come away with new ideas and inspiration while getting loads of encouragement from people going through small genealogy business issues, some same, some different.  Although my family and friends can give me career support, no one understands my business challenges quite like my Mastermind buds!”

–Pam Wolosz, Oregon