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TGP 18 Lorine McGinnis Schulze – Focus on New Netherland

Featured Guest

Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Lorine McGinnis Schulze is a Canadian genealogist who has been involved in the fields of genealogy and history for more than thirty years.

Lorine is the creator and owner of the Olive Tree Genealogy website  and several other websites, all bringing free genealogical content online for genealogists and historians.

Lorine is active in the genealogy community with several blogs including the Olive Tree Genealogy blog and Ask Olive Tree. Here visitors can submit queries and challenging questions for an answer from Lorine. In February 2011 she was an official blogger for RootsTech Technology and Genealogy Convention in Salt Lake City Utah.

Lorine is the author of many published genealogical articles and books on genealogy and history. Her list of published works is available at http://www.olivetreegenealogy.com/published.shtml

Lorine McGinnis Shulze - Canadian Genealogist

Olive Tree Genealogy has been online since February 1996 and is one of the oldest genealogy websites online. Lorine’s website was among the first to bring free primary sources to the Internet with its passenger lists of ships from the Netherlands to New York in the 17th Century. Lorine specializes in early Ships Passenger Lists to America and Canada, as well as New Netherland (17th Century New York), Loyalist research and Ontario genealogy research.

Lorine is active on her Olive Tree Genealogy YouTube channel which holds various Step-by-Step Tutorials and Cemetery Walk videos. She is also known for her commitment to locating descendants of American and Canadian soldiers whose medals and dog tags have been found in other countries.

She is a volunteer host for several Ontario GenWeb sites and USGenWeb sites. She also volunteers as an administrator for over 30 genealogy mailing lists and more than 2 dozen genealogy message boards.

Lorine’s current projects include a soon-to-be-published genealogical mystery novel and a book on genealogy activities and games for children.

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Olive Tree Genealogy website

Olive Tree Genealogy blog

Olive Tree Genealogy YouTube channel

Olive Tree Genealogy on Facebook

Lorine McGinnis Schulze on Twitter

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Action Item

We pick up where with left off in episode 15. That week I asked you to decide on a several of your most fun projects and ask for permission to use the projects in learning opportunities for a broader audience such as an article or a presentation.  This week our action item is to take that one step further by defining the project.

ACTION: Think about one of your fun projects and then fill in the information below. It doesn’t have to been perfect or locked in stone. The goal is to get you thinking about your project so that you can summarize it and turn it into another end product.  Fill out this chart:

Time Frame:
Methodology/Approach to Challenge:
What is unique or unusual?

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