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TGP 54: Lisa Lisson – Genealogy Blog Business

Featured Guest

Lisa Lisson

Lisa Lisson - Are You My Cousin?
Lisa Lisson of Are You My Cousin?

As a genealogy researcher and creator of the Are You My Cousin? blog, Lisa Lisson takes the overwhelm out of genealogy research and keeps researchers moving forward finding their ancestors. Whether researching ancestors alongside clients or writing how-to articles and books, Lisa uses her 12 years of research experience to help others build a solid research plan, find the needed genealogy records, and get the most out of those resources. When not working with clients or writing genealogy articles, Lisa can be found pursuing her passion for running, traveling with her husband or simply enjoying time with her two adult children.

Contact Links

Website –LisaLisson.com

Facebook Page – Are You My Cousin?

Facebook Group – Are You My Cousin?

YouTube – Are You My Cousin?

Twitter – Are You My Cousin?

Links Mentioned

MediaVine – www.mediavine.com

ConvertKit – convertkit.com

Jessica Stansberry – Hey Jessica – heyjessica.com

Melissa Culbertson – Blog Clarity – blogclarity.com

Amy Lynn Andrews – amylynnandrews.com

Thing You were most afraid of

“That nobody would read my blog.”

One Action Genealogists Can Take Right Now

“They need to start their email list.”

Recommended Book

Stories that Stick by Kindra Hall


“Don’t be afraid to look outside the genealogy world whether it’s starting a genealogy business or whether it’s in your own personal research. Don’t be afraid to look for the sources outside of the genealogy world.”

Action Item

For your action item today I want you to focus on your education. Lisa saw specific items that she needed to learn in order to make her blog function as a business. What do you need to do to function as a business? Do you need a website to attract clients or readers? Do you need a mailing list to communicate with your clients? Do you need time tracking software or a bookkeeping program? Think about what tool would take your business to the next level and then do some research to determine how to find classes and to make that happen.


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