Use the Tagging Feature on LinkedIn to Organize Your Contacts

Do you have a LinkedIn account? I bet there are a lot of LinkedIn features that you aren’t using yet.

One of the best features that few people know about is the tagging feature. Tagging lets you organize your contacts. Forgotten the name of a colleague that you met at a conference two years ago? Not a problem! With tagging you can categorize clients, colleagues, partners, subcontractors, local contacts and more with tags that you’ll remember.

Let me show you how it works in this 3 minute video.

Direct link to video:

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  1. Hi Marion,

    I will be implementing this system starting right away! I had no idea this feature existed, and like you, my memory for names of the hundreds of people I meet each year at genealogy and medical writing conferences is overwhelmed. Thank you for making this video.

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