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Kathleen Brandt

Kathleen Brandt on the Genealogy Professional podcast

Kathleen Brandt is a Professional International Genealogist and Consultant and is a published freelance writer for genealogy magazines and columns. She is the author of the a3Genealogy educational and skill building blog that explores various cultural and ethnic folk life, traditions, history, and genealogy research tips.

Utilizing twenty years of experience as an international corporate executive and five years of teaching college level Spanish, French and English writing courses, Kathleen offers workshops and lectures, and is a consultant for various international corporations, colleges and universities conducting historical, cultural, and genealogical projects. She has also researched for television episodes of NBC and TLC: Who Do You Think You Are?; and appeared in 2011 presenting to actor and singer Tim McGraw. Her work and research may also be seen on the Chris O’Donnell, Reba McEntire and Ashley Judd episodes, as well as on The History Channel: How the States Got Their Shape, and PBS: Finding Your Roots. She most recently appeared on CCTV America: Asia America Biz.

Her complete Experience / Qualifications CV may be reviewed at the a3Genealogy.com website

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a3Genealogy.com website

a3Genealogy on Facebook

Kathleen Brandt on Twitter – @a3Genealogy

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One Action Genealogists Can Take Right Now

“Write a complete business plan with your financial goals”

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 Professional Genealogy edited by Elizabeth Shown Mills

WWI and WWII books by Shelby Stanton

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Drop Box, Evernote, Google Drive and Hootsuite


“Most businesses aren’t lucrative, not because the person doesn’t know their craft, we normally do, but because they fail to attend to their business affairs. I encourage everyone to write a business plan.”

Action Item

This week let’s focus on what’s unique about your business and your services. What do you do that separates you from other genealogy professionals? Secondly, what separates you from other professionals in your niche?


Make a list of two to four items that makes you and your business unique within the genealogical community. Next make another list that demonstrates how you are different from others within in your niche. Now look at your how you are projecting your business on the internet and in your business materials.  Does your current visual presence reflect your unique qualities?

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