Introducing The Genealogy Professional podcast

Whether your are transitioning into the world of professional genealogy or already an experienced genealogy professional, this podcast will give you new ideas to make your business even better.

Each week I will interview experienced genealogy professionals about the challenges they had in starting their business and the strategies they took to overcome those obstacles.

Are you ready to learn and grow in your business? Join me and let’s get started.

–Marian Pierre-Louis


  1. Cool! I’ve listened to Lisa’s interview so far – very interesting. Thank you for hosting this!

  2. I just listened to the first two episodes on my commute – terrific podcast!

    I am not a professional genealogist, although my wife often wonders out loud whether there might be any money in my mania.

    But I do want to produce work that is up to standard and appreciate the insight of these interviews. The podcast is technically well done as well.

    So, thank you, and I look forward to listening to more!

    (BTW, I was going to comment on the latest episode, but this initial one seems to be the only one with a comment form.)

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