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Christine Woodcock

Christine Woodcock on the Genealogy Professional podcast

Scottish born, Canadian raised, Christine Woodcock is a genealogy educator with an expertise in the Scottish records. She enjoys sharing new resources to assist others in their quest to find and document their heritage. Christine is also a lecturer, author and blogger who enjoys connecting with other genealogists through social media.

Christine is the Director of Genealogy Tours of Scotland  and organizes 10 day research trips to Edinburgh where participants can research their genealogy onsite in Edinburgh.

Contact Links

Facebook – Scottish Genealogy page

Twitter – www.twitter.com/genealogytours

Google+ – Christine Woodcock

Genealogy Tours of Scotland

One Action Genealogists Can Take Right Now

“Find something that is needed in the market and decide how you can make that thing happen for other people.”

Recommended Book

Island of Wings by Karin Altenberg

Productivity Tool

Drop Box – Tool for sharing large files


“If you have something that you are really passionate about then by all means turn that into a business but don’t expect to make too much money. You need to be realistic but Do It!”

Action Item

We have talked in the past about setting priorities and focusing on what is most important. This week we dive deeper into this idea by focusing specifically on email which can be overwhelming for all of us.  Are you in control of your email or is it in control of you?


In the past we’ve asked you to prioritize your to-do list and create it the night before. There’s no point in that if you get derailed first thing in the morning by other people’s priorities in the form of an email. For the next 7 days try opening your email only 3 times a day. And more importantly, don’t open your email before 10am.  Instead, focus on that number one priority which is on the top of your nightly to-do list!

Webinar Available

Targeting and Finding New Genealogy Clients webinar with Marian Pierre-Louis

As mentioned in the podcast, the webinar “Targeting and Finding New Genealogy Clients” is now available for download.  More information about that is available here.

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