TGP 57: Marcel Elias – Central Europe Genealogy
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TGP 57: Marcel Elias – Central Europe Genealogy

Featured Guest Marcel Elias Marcel Elias, the owner of Avis Genealogy, was born in Slovakia and studied at universities in Czech Republic and Germany. He majored in Medieval History and has lived in Germany since 2008. He works as an on-site genealogist for Bavaria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2012. He performs genealogical…


TGP 27 Andrea Bentschneider goes Beyond History

Featured Guest Andrea Bentschneider Andrea Bentschneider has been actively conducting systematic genealogical research for over 20 years. Founding her company Beyond History in 2004 was the beginning of turning her passion into her profession. Since then, with her teams she has worked on hundreds of successful research projects for national and international private persons, companies…

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TGP 34 – Ursula Krause of Rootseekers

Featured Guest Ursula Krause Raised in the tradition of story telling, a custom which has been cultivated in her family for centuries, Ursula Krause began to become interested in the history of her ancestors as a child. Influenced by the emigration of her great-great-great-grandfather and her own long stays in the USA and Sweden, she…