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Grab an Hour of Momentum Every Month

Reaching Hands by Cyron

Want to know how to use social media to market your business? Ever wished you knew how to handle client communications? Ever needed some advice on getting more speaking engagements? Wished you could create a good query to send to publishers?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own private group of genealogy professionals, each with a different skill set, to bounce ideas off of?

Guide Your Business in the Right        Direction

If you want to stop waiting for clients and opportunities to find you, this is your chance to take a hold of your genealogy business and guide it in the direction you want to go.

Join a TGP Mastermind Group for a monthly dose of motivation, brainstorming and expertise which will energize you and give you the momentum to push your business forward.

The two groups are lead by Marian Pierre-Louis, the host of the Genealogy Professional podcast. Each group facilitates a maximum of 10 genealogy professionals, each with their own expertise and area of focus.

We will gather each month online to discuss timely situations and to prepare for tackling the challenges that come with running a small independent business.

The groups were first opened to the attendees for the Business and Marketing Goal Setting Workshops held in December and January.  Registration is being up to the larger TGP community.

There is a Friday group and a Saturday group.  Each group is limited to 10 participants. Groups will start the first week of March 2015.

Registration and further information:

Friday TGP Mastermind Group

Saturday TGP Mastermind Group



Photo by: Cyron