** NEW Workshop ** – Webinar Practicum

TGP Workshop - Webinar PracticumHave you ever wanted to try presenting a webinar but were too scared? Do you want to add webinars to your list of services? Or perhaps you’d like to have a video recording of a webinar that you can share to demonstrate your speaking skills and experience?

Then this Webinar Practicum is for you!!

The Webinar Practicum consists of two parts:

Part 1 – Live webinar group training and Q&A

The first part is a live webinar that will teach you everything you need to know about preparing for and delivering webinars. We will discuss equipment, how to prepare your slides, how broadband impacts your presentation, best practices during the live webinar and much more! The one hour lecture will be followed by a question and answer session to address of your specific questions.

The live event will be Friday, October 23, 2015 at 12 noon EDT (New York time). If you’re not available for the live event you can still participate. A video recording will be made available to you and you will have the chance to ask any further questions via email.

Part 2 – One-on-One private recording session

The second part of Webinar Practicum includes a one-on-one recording session with Marian Pierre-Louis to be scheduled at your convenience (and hers). You will experience using the GoToWebinar interface firsthand and will record a presentation. You’ll be given a copy of the video for your own use so that you can share it with conference organizers to demonstrate your skills.

The purpose of the workshop will be to:

  • help you become comfortable with the GoToWebinar interface
  • teach you how to best prepare your presentation for broadband delivery
  • identify the right equipment to make you sound your best for presentations
  • devise strategies to overcome online live mistakes or mishaps
  • provide you with your own video copy of you presenting a webinar


Please note: One-on-one recording sessions must be completed within four months of the live webinar presentation.

Price: US $49


Part 1 – Friday, 23 October 2015, 12pm EDT (New York time) /  9am PDT (California time)

Part 2 – scheduled at your convenience (60 minutes in length total)

Format: GoToMeeting

No refunds or cancellations after the live event.

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